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12-07 2017 12-07
How to deal with generator water

When it is found that the diesel generator enters the water for other reasons, it should be handled as follows: When the diesel generator enters the water, it is found that if the generator is immediately shut down during operation, the stopped state is not allowed to start. Then the diesel generator is not allowed to start. Support the good things on one side so that the engine oil pan oil drain parts are in position, unscrew the oil plug, pull out the oil scale,

12-07 2017 12-07
Coolant for the operation of diesel generators

There are many serious failures, often caused by slight maintenance negligence and lack of professional inspection. Diesel storage tanks can occur due to changes in water vapor in the atmosphere due to condensation at low temperatures, forming water connections to tank walls, for diesel, diesel The moisture content of the fuel exceeds the standard, and the diesel enters the high-pressure oil pump of the engine, which will rust the precision coupling plunger and cause serious damage in units.

12-05 2017 12-05
What are the precautions for operating a diesel generator set

The operating rules of diesel generator sets are what we need to understand, and the second-time employees need to read the operating instructions of the generator, be trained, and under the guidance of experienced operators, they must learn to operate correctly, and their staff should be neatly dressed Before work, the overalls need to be tight. Let's take a look at the diesel generator sets that we must pay attention to.

12-05 2017 12-05
Analysis of abnormal vibration failure of diesel generators such as

After the diesel generator starts successfully, abnormal vibration and irregular vibration occur. It is necessary to stop the inspection, find out the source of the vibration, and solve the problem. Today the diesel generator manufacturer analyzes and analyzes with everyone! The main reason for the imbalance of the rotor is the rotor, Imbalance of connecting rods, couplings and drive wheels (brake wheels). The solution to this problem is to find the right balance point.

12-01 2017 12-01
How to determine the failure of a diesel generator set

The management of diesel generator sets should have the knowledge of the generator set. When the diesel generator set is not operating normally, it should be timely found and eliminated based on the understanding of the expertise of the diesel generator set overhaul and maintenance. When a fault occurs during the operation Must be timely and accurately judged, and the problem of inability to restore power supply must be solved for the first time.

12-01 2017 12-01
Use method and characteristics of oil pump

A small oil pump is an important part of the diesel generator set. The small oil pump industry pays attention to it. In order to maintain the reliability of the diesel generator set, the diesel generator set is installed with an oil transfer pump. The thickness of the blade should be appropriate.To prevent the piston from dead or running in place, the gasket should be prevented from being too thick or thin.

11-29 2017 11-29
How to maintain the battery of a diesel generator

Starting the electric battery is an important part of the diesel generator set. Without the start battery, the diesel generator cannot start normally. Therefore, the maintenance of the diesel generator's electric cylinder is very important. When the diesel generator starts, the battery needs to be started. Maintenance. First, pay attention to personal safety.

11-29 2017 11-29
How to dispose of the pull cylinder of the stationary diesel generator set

The forerunner characteristic of the non-powered diesel generator set is that the exhaust pipe is seriously black and the smoke is stalled, and the crankshaft cannot be changed. Do not start the diesel engine at this time, you should find out the reason and clean it up. Do not move the diesel engine diesel generator Treatment method: When the cylinder is found, the oil injection amount of the cylinder liner should be increased first. If there is no change in the superheated surface, the single cylinder can be stopped.

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