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05-16 2019 05-16
Common problems and errors of diesel generators

Diesel generators should be familiar to everyone. It is a very wide range of generators. Today I will talk to you about the topic of diesel generators. Many projects encounter many common faults when using diesel generators. What are the wrong ways to operate a diesel generator? Below we introduce the common problems and errors of diesel generators.

04-18 2019 04-18
Drainage regulations for diesel generators and faults

In life, there are sometimes power outages. In order to ensure the normal work and life, people often use generators. A diesel generator is a type of generator commonly used in modern society. It uses diesel to generate electricity and provides people with a temporary source of electricity. The following editors will give you a detailed introduction to diesel generators. The following regulations regarding "drainage of diesel generators"

04-01 2019 04-01
Precautions and machine when using diesel generators

Although diesel generator is a common power generation equipment in our life, many people are familiar with her, but there are many details in the process of use that need our attention. What are the specifics? Next, let's work with Xiaobian to understand how to make diesel generators better and how to choose the oil for diesel generators. When using a diesel generator

01-27 2019 01-27
What are the specific operating methods for diesel generators?

As we all know, diesel generator is a professional power generation equipment. It is not allowed to operate without professional staff. To operate a diesel generator set, it must be operated, stopped, and powered by a qualified electrician approved by the relevant department. Specific operation methods for diesel generators. Let's find out together. 1) Automation of a single diesel generator set for emergency power supply

01-23 2019 01-23
How to solve the plateau environment for diesel generators

Diesel generator sets currently produced and sold in China are generally only suitable for altitudes below 1,000 meters. In the plateau area, due to changes in environmental factors, the actual use conditions of engineering mechanical and electrical equipment have been significantly different from the original design conditions, which has caused the performance and reliability of engineering mechanical and electrical equipment to be severely reduced. Therefore, the adaptation of engineering mechanical and electrical equipment to the plateau environment has been strengthened. Sex skills

01-07 2019 01-07
Common fault types of generators and their solutions

With the advent of the electric power era, generators have been widely used in our work and life. With generators everywhere, generator failures are inevitable. Next, let me talk about the common faults of generators. How to troubleshoot and deal with these common faults? Let's learn together. First, the generator current is too large (1) negative

12-21 2018 12-21
Treatment plan and target of generator exhaust

A large amount of exhaust gas is generated during the operation of a diesel generator set or a boiler. The composition of the exhaust gas is extremely complicated, including SO2, SO3, NOX, CO2, and carbon particles. Among them, SO2, SO3, and NO2 are emitted into the atmosphere, and combined with water vapor to form sulfuric acid Acid rain phenomenon; NOX is released into the atmosphere, because NOX is a highly toxic gas, it is difficult to contain water, and it drifts with the wind, causing serious damage to the atmosphere.

12-14 2018 12-14
A few things to keep in mind when the generator is running

The function of the generator is very powerful. In the event of an emergency power failure, the generator helps us. However, when using the generator, there are many details that need attention. Many users do not pay attention to these details. This will cause some failures in the generator, so users must pay attention to details when using the generator.

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