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What are the faults of the small-load diesel generating set at work?

发表时间:2017-11-23 Article source : Couch motor manufacturersPublished time: 2017-11-23

In the power generation industry in China, we have been working hard, pursuing the concept of quality and service, and for the sake of customers, the full power generator chooses China and your generator is a professional housekeeper. At present, the diesel generator set maintenance market refers to damage inspection and routine maintenance. Two aspects: After maintenance, it refers to the failure of the diesel generator, and there are problems with various accessories, such as replacing the generator or repairing the diesel generator, and removing carbon deposits in the unit.

Maintenance is mainly from the regular replacement of the three filters to ensure that the unit's performance indicators are good. Chongqing Cummins diesel generator set runs under small load. According to the operating time, the following faults will occur. The supercharged diesel engine supercharger load is low, empty Low load pressure can easily lead to poor seal of the turbocharger oil seal.
The oil in the supercharger's pressurizing chamber accumulates to a certain degree and leaks from the combined surface of the supercharger. It is to burn off some of the cylinder oil, and some of the oil cannot be completely burned. On the top of the valve, the inlet, the piston, and the piston ring Coke, coke, etc. are formed and combined with the exhaust part. In this way, the cylinder liner will gradually accumulate oil in the exhaust duct, which will also form coke.
Long-term low-load operation will cause more severe wear on moving parts, and the deterioration of the combustion environment of the engine will lead to early results in the overhaul phase.
Therefore, whether it is a naturally aspirated or boosted type wood unit manufacturer using low load / stress, it should reduce the no-load running time, and the small load cannot be lower than 25% -30% of the rated power unit. The total time is full load. It can not only improve its performance, but also find hidden safety hazards and avoid major accidents.

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